Girls’ Generation’s Jessica Gives Fans 2 Thumbs Up

Recently, Jessica of Girls’ Generation posted a thank-you message to her fans on the official Girls’ Generation website for supporting her for her role in the musical “Legally Blonde.”

Jessica wrote, “Hey! Surprised? When I saw your encouragements with my own eyes, it gave me more strength. Thank you, you guys are the best! Your support makes me so happy. Get ready to see me in ‘Jessica Woods’ !” Along with the message, she uploaded three pictures as well.

In the pictures, Jessica is wearing a black knitted-sweater with dark grey-colored skinny jeans, and is posing in front of the garland and mango presents her fans had sent.

Jessica is currently taking on the role of Elle Woods for the musical “Legally Blonde” that was inspired by the movie of the same name released in 2001.