Wonbin’s Little Friend Kim Sae Ron Models Uniforms

Kim Sae Ron, the child actress who Wonbin tortured a lot of people to save in “The Man From Nowhere (aka Ajusshi)”, is growing up and modeling for a uniform brand.

The young actress is currently playing middle school student “Park Sae Ron” in the MBC sitcom “What Is Mother.” Not only does she wear a middle school uniform in the sitcom, but she now also wears them as a model.

In the pictures, Kim Sae Ron looks adorable in her smartly put together middle school uniform. Her bangs frame her small face, and she poses cutely in all the photos. The combination of her tucked in necktie, knee socks, and high-tops turns the actress into a sweet looking studious student.

In reality, Kim Sae Ron won’t start middle school until next year, but she’s already looking the part. Before “What Is Mother” she played middle school student roles in the drama “Heaven’s Garden” and the movie “The Neighbors”. Her mature portrayal of those characters and her adorable looks make her a better uniform model than actual uniform wearing students.

In “What is Mother” Kim Sae Ron plays an energetic and quirky middle school student alongside INFINITE’s L.