Who Would Make the Sexiest Office Lady: Shin Min Ah vs. Kim Sa Rang

The sexy office-look battle is on between the actresses Kim Sa Rang and Shin Min Ah.

Recently via TV commercials, both Kim Sa Rang and Shin Min Ah sported the concept of modern career woman.

Kim Sa Rang shows off her sexy body by wearing a white blouse and a skin tight red skirt. With a pair of glasses, red high heels, and a wooden rod in her hand, Kim Sa Rang is every man’s dream.

On the other hand, Shin Min Ah is wearing a light blue blouse and a black skirt, creating a subtler but nonetheless sexy look.

Netizens who saw these commercials replied, “Are we supposed to match our heels to the color of the skirt?” “Shin Min Ah’s look is neater,” “If we are voting based just on bodies, Kim Sa Rang definitely wins.”