AOA’s Seol Hyun Has Always Been Pretty and She Has Her Graduation Photos to Prove It

Recently on an online community bulletin board, photos of Seol Hyun were released under the title, “Girl group AOA’s member Seol Hyun’s middle school graduation pictures.”

In the photos is Seol Hyun in her school uniform. With her huge eyes and flawless skin, Seol Hyun looks youthful and adorable.

The fans were especially impressed with the fact that she hasn’t changed at all. She still has the same natural beauty she had as a young teenager.

Netizens who saw these photos admired, “Seol Hyun is so pretty,” “She is an awesome actress as well,” “I hope you become a great idol-actress,” “She has always been pretty.”

Meanwhile, Seol Hyun is currently playing a role of Seo Eun Soo on KBS’s drama “My Daughter Seo Young.”