Starship Planet Surprises Netizens with a Bonus Track

SISTAR‘s Soyu and K.Will have embarked on a winter project together to produce a track, which fits for greeting the season’s wintery splendor with loved ones. Starship Entertainment made the announcement on November 27, along with a photo of the gifted vocalists on Twitter. 

The track will be included along with others sung by SISTER, K.Will and Boyfriend in a packaged album specially prepared by the “Starship Planet” family for this winter’s holiday season. Next to “Pink Romance“, “White Excitement” will be the second digital album released by “Starship Planet” and will be sung by Soyu, K.Will and one member of Boyfriend. 

Netizens who saw the twitter post and picture commented, “I am excited to see what K.Will and Soyu have to deliver”, “Starship Planet is an amazing group” and “Well this is a surprise!”

 “White Excitement” will be available for download off music sites on November 24.