Park Han Byul Looks Smoking in Her Lingerie Pictorial

Recently the underwear brand “Body Guard” released actress Park Han Byul’s pictorial. This winter spread focused on the color “Tango Red” and included the theme of sexy charisma.

In the released pictures is Park Han Byul in dark red bra and similarly colored skirt. With her lean sexy body, Park Han Byul is able to look both strong and sexy at the same time. She also is wearing a feathery headpiece, and in some pictures she utilizes a black-laced fan. As she gazes smolderingly into the camera, she looks like a goddess dancing the suggestive tango.

An official later revealed that Park Han Byul impressed everyone at the photoshoot with her beautiful body and sensual poses. Despite the revealing outfits, Park Han Byul was professional and bold throughout the shoot.