Embarrassing Photo of Park Shi Yeon from 12 Years Ago Released

Recently on an online community bulletin board, a past photo of actress Park Shi Yeon was uploaded under the title, “Even the beautiful Park Shi Yeon had a past.”

In the picture is Park Shi Yeon 12 years ago during her pageant days. She has entered “Miss Korea” in the past under her real name Park Mi Seon and represented the city of Seoul.

What surprised her fans was how different Park Shi Yeon looked at that time. She looks odd with the 90’s makeup. With her chubby cheeks, it appears that Park Shi Yeon has gained her beauty later in life.

The fans who saw this picture replied, “What a humiliating picture for Park Shi Yeon,” “This must be why there is a rumor that she had plastic surgery,” “I think she looks about the same,” “She had a dark past.”

Meanwhile, Park Shi Yeon played a main character on KBS’s “Nice Guy,” which ended recently.