Wonder Girls’ Leader Sunye to Marry in January 2013!

Wonder Girls’ leader Sunye is getting married!

On November 27, JYP Entertainment released a press release saying, “Wonder Girls’ Min Sunye is getting married next year, on January 26, 2013.”

“The Wonder Girls have debuted in 2007, and throughout the last six years, under Min Sunye’s leadership, the Wonder Girls have achieved the successes they have so far. The company understands and respects her decision, for the time being, expects her to concentrate on marriage and family life.”

Sunye met her soon-to-be husband during missionary work in Haiti. He is reported to be Korean-Canadian and is actively involved in missionary work. 

JYP Entertainment added Sunye’s marriage does not mean the disbandment of the Wonder Girls. The other Wonder Girls members are expected to be active in acting, producing work and other broadcast activities, including solo albums.