Song Ji Hyo to Reveal Her True Weight

In tonight’s episode of SBS’s “Strong Heart,” Song Ji Hyo will step forward and reveal her true weight. During the recording, Boom started, “We have evidence that you weigh over 53kg (116.8lb).” Following his declaration, he and Eunhyuk set out to measure the actress, amusing MCs Shin Dong Yup and Lee Dong Wook, as well as the panel.

Earlier this year, Song Ji Hyo’s weight was questioned after an episode of SBS’s “Running Man” aired. In the episode, she jumped on the scale with one of the producers, weighing 153.55kg together. The producer than playfully revealed his weight, allowing netizens to do the math. Netizens calculated that Song Ji Hyo must weigh around 53kg, 7kg (15.4lb)more that what was listed on her official profile.

This episode of “Strong Heart’ will air tonight, November 27, at 11:15PM KST.