Park Jin Young Reveals “R-Rated” Concert Photo

Park Jin Young revealed an “R-rated” still cut for his upcoming year-end concert. The musician better known as JYP has made his year-end concert an annual event for years now and has always made it an “adult-only” concert with “R-rated” performances.

On November 26, JYP wrote on his me2day page, “You want to know why my concert, ‘Bad Jazz Bar,’ is ‘unsuitable to minors’? It’s because photos like this and the concert are connected…So, are all the adults ready now?^^”

In the photo, JYP is lying on his back with no shirt on, while his female partner is staring down at him wearing lingerie. The two are close to giving a kiss to each other, as they appear to have their eyes closed.

Netizens commented, “There’s a reason this show is ‘R-rated,’” “I have to go see this show,” and “This is the JYP I love!”

Meanwhile, JYP’s “R-rated” concert, “Bad Jazz Bar, 2012,” will begin on December 15 in Daejon. It will move to Busan, Daegu, and Incheon, before wrapping up in Seoul from December 28 to 31.