Lee Yeon Hee Sighted At A Club

On November 27, a picture of Lee Yeon Hee taken at a club is quickly circulating the internet via social networking sites and an online community forum under the topic “Lee Yeon Hee, When At A Club.”

The picture reveals Lee Yeon Hee holding an oddly-colored drink and seems to be enjoying herself. She surprisingly looked dressed down for such a social event with a light grey top and black, form fitting bottom. She completes the outfit with a simple dark blue necklace.

Netizens who saw the picture posted various comments, “I heard that she frequently hits the clubs,” “I would’ve been sent away if I wore something like that there,” “Looks like they would limit access since she’s there.”

Soompiers, it looks like no one is getting close to her. What would you do if you spot a celebrity at a club? Ask for a dance?