Brown Eyed Girls’ Miryo Gets Hot and Steamy in Teaser Video for Upcoming “R-Rated” Concert

On November 27, Brown Eyed Girls released the third teaser video for their upcoming “R-rated” concert, “Tonight 37.2°C.” The 20-second video shows Miryo create an intimate scene with her male partner, enjoying a glass of champagne and whipped cream cake while taking a bubble bath. The video keeps moving to give a busy feel to the overall scene, while Miryo gives off a sexy glare, increasing the anticipation level for the concert.

“We’ll continue to release teaser videos stressing each of the member’s unique personality and sexiness. We expect this to increase the anticipation level for ‘Tonight 37.2°C,’” Nega Network said in a statement.

Netizens commented, “Wow, Miryo now looks like Nam Gyuri,” “Miryo’s the best from BEG,” and “What are they going to do at the conert?”

Brown Eyed Girls’ year-end concert, “Tonight 37.2°C,” is publicized as being “Rated-R” for containing performances apparently “not suitable for minors.” The concert will be held for two days from December 24 to 25 at the Seoul Central City’s Millennium Hall. You can order your tickets at Interpark (

Enjoy the video below!