Happy Birthday to EXO-K’s Happy Virus! Check Out 20 of Chanyeol’s Hottest Photos!

EXO-K’s “Happy Virus,” Park Chanyeol, turned 20 today, November 27. In honor of this adorable rookie’s 20th birthday, we compiled a gallery of his cutest and hottest photos! We’ve also included some of his cute pre-debut photos, so be sure to check it out by scrolling through the gallery!

EXO-K members celebrate Chanyeol’s birthday

 Chanyeol looks handsome as ever in his graduation photos

Chanyeol looks adorable in yellow and curls 

 Chanyeol waves to his fans

Chanyeol looks cool and reserved during a photoshoot

 Happy Virus trades in his smile for a chic expressionless gaze

Chanyeol looks like he’s in the middle of a photoshoot on the way to catch his flight at the airport


Chanyeol dresses up in his footoball gear during a photoshoot

Chanyeol looks angelic in white and blue during a CF shoot


Chanyeol looks charismatic in one of his first official photos

Chanyeol covers his makeup-less eyes with his big glasses and bangs


Chanyeol asks fans to keep quiet with his adorable expression

Chanyeol had quite the baby fat in elementary school

 Chanyeol flaunts his perfectly sculpted face and porcelain skin

 Chanyeol wants his fans to sing along

Chanyeol dresses 


 Chanyeol flashes his adorable smile for his fans

Chanyeol poses for his middle school yearbook

Chanyeol snaps a selca before going live on radio

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