Billboard and The Wall Street Journal Nickname Lee Hi as “Korea’s Adele”

The American Billboard and Wall Street Journal called YG singer Lee Hi (aka Lee Ha Yi) as a monster rookie and Korea’s Adele.”

On an article published by the Billboard on November 26, it said, “Monster rookie Lee Hi’s debut single ‘1, 2, 3, 4’ has been ranked in the number one place for three weeks and her next new track ‘Scarecrow’ is on its way to the top.” The article added that “Scarecrow” was originally made by the CEO of JYP Entertainment, Park Jin Young , as well.

The Wall Street Journal also joined in and nicknamed the singer as “Korea’s Adele.”

“16 year-old former contestant of the audition program ‘K-Pop Star’ Lee Hi has been in the top place among the music charts for 23 consecutive days,” the Wall Street Journal stated. “Up until now, 1,300,000 downloads have been made for Lee Hi’s single ‘1, 2, 3, 4’ and she is the first female debut singer to have reached the top spot among the Billboard K-Pop chart this year.”