Son Dam Bi: “Dad Suffered From Brain Hemorrhage When I Was A Trainee”

Singer Son Dam Bi shared with the public a painful past.

On the most recent filming of SBS’s variety talk show “Strong Heart,” she shared about her father. “7 years ago when I was a trainee, my father suddenly collapsed because of a brain hemorrhage.”

She went on, “It took a long time for him to even wake up and now he can’t use half of his body.” The studio was filled with sadness from the fact. But, Son Dam Bi went on, “However, he started to change when I got more popular and more people started to know my name” hinting of a miracle type of change, creating much anticipation from the people in the studio.

This episode will be broadcasted on November 27 at 11:15pm (KST). The “sexy queen” will reveal stories she previously hasn’t shared on this broadcast.