SHINee’s Minho Strikes an Acrobatic Pose for W Korea

SHINee‘s Minho recently had a fashion spread and cover shoot for W Korea‘s December issue. 

Dressed up warm in winter garb, he casts a captivating look of mystery and allure with his moussed and tousled hair, as well as his preppy, retro look that gives him years over his actual age. He also took quite the visually striking photo by flaunting his flexible limbs that would make any acrobrat green with envy. Dressed in what appears to be britches, a white button down long-sleeved shirt and corduroy jacket – Minho wears the serene expression of a dancer, elevating the entire feel of the photo to a different realm. Minho does not fail to impress with his growth as a versatile figure of the entertainment world. His handsome boyish face and masculine build are enough to make any girl’s heart go a-flutter. 

The magazine also features an interview with Minho as he shares his dual actor and musical artist life as the leading male character of “The Beautiful You.”

Check out the photos and behind-the-scenes Youtube clip from the photo shoot below!