Sung Yuri Shows Off Her Unbelievably Long Legs While Shopping

Recently on an online bulletin board, two pictures were uploaded under the title, “Actress Sung Yuri seen at Cheongdam Dong.” A fan was able to take pictures of Sung Yuri who was shopping at the Couronne store located in Cheongdam Dong.

In the photos is Sung Yuri wearing a leather jacket, black legging, and a pair of high heeled ankle boots to show off her long legs. Despite the fact that her face is largely covered by big-framed sunglasses, Sung Yuri cannot hide her natural beauty.

The fans that saw these pictures admired, “A goddess has landed in Cheongdam Dong,” “Even the way she shops is stylish,” “Sung Yuri is a natural beauty with flawless skin,” “I wish I could go shopping with Sung Yuri.”