Eunhyuk Gets Embarrassed as Song Ji Hyo Gives Him a Piggyback Ride

Eunhyuk sweat by failing to give Song Ji Hyo a piggyback.

On the November 27 episode of SBS’s “Stong Heart,” Eunhyuk challenged himself to give Song Ji Hyo a piggyback ride.

Showing previous pictures of Kim Jong Kook and Song Chang Ui failing to pick up Song Ji Hyo, MC Boom asked Eunhyuk if he is up for the challenge.

In the beginning, Eunhyuk refused to give Song Ji Hyo a piggyback rude, but soon decided to take up the challenge to prove his strength since people made fun of his nickname “anchovy.”

Eventually, Eunhuyk’s face turned red as he failed the task. This time, Song Ji Hyo challenged to give Eunhyuk a piggyback instead! Song Ji Hyo humiliated Eunhyuk by successfully giving the 59kg male singer a piggyback ride in high heels!