U-Kiss Eats Dinner With Fans at Fan Meeting

The members of U-Kiss fulfilled some of their fans’ wildest dreams by hosting a special and very meaningful fan meeting in an intimate setting with dinner. Free food and spend time with your favorite idols? Who wouldn’t like that idea? Winning fans’ hearts and stomach, what a killer combo.

U-Kiss uploaded a picture of the fun event on their official twitter. The picture shows most of the members posing cutely with peace signs while the girls were seated on the other side and blurred out for many reasons, one is which to protect them from overzealous fans.

The fan meeting dinner was a thank you to the fans for their love and support since the members were frequently abroad performing in different venues.

Meanwhile, U-Kiss is planning to release their 5th Japanese single in December.

Soompiers, what’s your dream fanmeeting and with which singer(s)? or even actor(s)?