Song Hye Gyo Celebrates Her Birthday with a Small Party

On November 28, fashion director Shim Woo Chan posted a picture on her Twitter titled, “In celebration of someone’s birthday.” It was revealed that the “someone” was actress Song Hye Gyo, who was having a small birthday party.

Those who attended the party were members of her UAA agency. CEO of French global agency “Effigies” Fabienne Martin joined in as well. Fabienne Martin was a manager for several famous actors including Charlotte Gainsbourg and Robin Wright. Last year, she signed a contract with Song Hye Gyo for the actress to possibly enter into the arena of the European market.

The atmosphere of the party was nice and warm. The actress individually thanked all the people of her UAA agency for coming to her party. As for looking good, Song Hye Gyo could not be missed. Even with almost no make-up, Song Hye Gyo’s skin glowed and her hair tied in a knot suited her well. Her casual outfit with a checked shirt looked very natural and charming as well.

After signing with the UAA agency last year, Song Hye Gyo has been preparing for her main role in the upcoming SBS drama “That Winter, the Wind Blows” alongside actor Jo In Sung. Her Hong Kong action movie “The Grandmasters” will soon be out next year as well.