“Strong Heart” Welcomes New Producer

Staff of the famous SBS’s “Strong Heart” talk show have announced that the show’s PD will be replaced.

On November 28, MBC staff informed the public that Park Sang Hyuk PD, who had been the PD of the program since 2009, will be replaced by Shin Hyo Jung PD. Park Sang Hyuk PD will be going abroad to study and pursue higher education. Thus, Shin Hyo Jung PD has accepted the offer to fill the position starting December.

Park Sang Hyuk PD expressed his sentiments with leaving the program, “There were many hardships and changes we all endured as a staff while producing the program. However, I enjoyed it and I became very close with the members. I will have to leave Korea soon but until then, I am going to work hard as the current PD of the show.”

The question remaining on the minds of the viewers is, will there be any significant changes made to the structure of “Strong Heart” as the show welcomes the new PD?