2AM’s Seulong Crowns Himself “The Seagull King”

2AM‘s Seulong crowned himself as “The Seagull King” and shared photos of himself on his twitter, feeding his subjects as they flew above his head and pecked at his feet what they could scavenge. He captioned the photos, “Before performing at Busan and enjoying the seaside! I call the concept for this photo shoot, ‘The Seagull King.'”

Although it’s winter, Seulong enjoys the scenic and refreshing Busan ocean side breeze as he quickly becomes surrounded by hungry seagulls for offering to share his snack. With his childlike glee from feeding the birds by hand, Seulong charmed netizens who saw the photos of the awestruck not to mention incredibly adorable star.

Netizens shared comments such as, “I wouldn’t call him ‘The Seagull King’ when it looks like he’s getting attacked by them”, “Even during winters, the seaside looks serene” and “His expression of fear before the seagulls is hilarious.”

In related news, the film “26 years” features Seulong as the leading male character Kwon Jung Hyuk, which is currently being shown in theaters.