30 Best Celebrity Online Community Photos This Month!

Online community boards have become a major source of some of the hottest celebrity photos in K-Pop lately. This month too saw tons of funny, eye-catching, and shocking photos come from online community boards.

In this article, we put together 30 of the best photos we found on online community boards this month. We wanted to make sure our readers saw these photos because a lot of them made top headlines on our site.

Scroll through the photos and don’t forget to let us know which one you liked the most!

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1) Girls’ Generation’s Sunny

On November 26, several pictures of Girls’ Generation’s Sunny titled, “Sunny looking awkward with purple hair,” were posted on online community boards. But we think Sunny looks awesome in purple hair!


2) Yoo Jae Suk

Online community users posted this photo under the title, “Found Yoo Jae Suk’s doppelganger in a Japanese movie.” What do you think?


3) Kim Tae Hee

Kim Tae Hee was spotted in front of a colorful underwear collection in this photo titled, “Kim Tae Hee sponsored an underwear brand?”


4) Girls’ Generation

Girls’ Generation was accused of plagiarizing the 1971 American Southwest Airlines poster for their similar design and outfits. What is your take on it?


5) 2NE1’s CL

CL looks cute and hipster in this old photo titled, “CL’s never before seen past photo.”


6) Wonder Girls’ Sohee

Screenshots of the Wonder Girls’ Sohee wearing a hot pink suit for a riveting pole dancing performance!


7) Lee Yeon Hee

Lee Yeon Hee appears to be having fun at a club in this photo titled, “Lee Yeon Hee, when at a club.”


8) IU

IU’s first photos since the Eunhyuk controversy surfaced on online community boards under the title, “Still Pretty IU.”


9) Girls’ Generation’s Jessica

Jessica sheds her “ice princess” image and delights fans with her adorable wink!


10) PSY and Lee Byung Hun

In this photo titled, “Lee Byung Hun & PSY in London,” it looks as if Lee Byung Hun is being snubbed while PSY gets all the attention!


11) Wonder Girls’ Yoobin and Hyelim

Wonder Girls’ Yoobin and Hyelim were spotted in the posh Apkujeong area, as these photos were posted online under the title, “Wonder Girls (Yoobin and Hyelim) in plain clothes snapped in Apkujeong.”


12) Girls’ Generation’s YoonA

Girls’ Generation’s YoonA was spotted at a wedding and photos of her were posted under the title, “YoonA’s pictures at a wedding.”


13) 2NE1

2NE1’s Minzy and Park Bom show up in short hair, surprising many fans who didn’t expect the sudden change in style!


14) Han Ga In and Kim Tae Hee

In these photos titled, “Kim Tae Hee and Han Ga In’s 100% naked face,” the two stars show off their no makeup beauty!


15) Girls’ Generation without Seohyun

A picture titled, “Girls’ Generation having couple of drinks,” was posted online recently. But where’s Seohyun?!


16) f(x)’s Krystal

Photos titled, “Krystal getting an award from the principle,” show f(x) Krystal’s natural beauty!


17) T-ara’s Hyomin

In this photo posted under the title, “T-ara member’s shocking behavior during the concert in Japan,” capture Hyomin take off her jacket on stage to perform with only a tiny white tank top!


18) Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon

Video screenshots of Taeyeon amusing a baby was posted on online community boards under the title, “Taeyeon amuses a baby, and then pretends ignorance.”


19) Seungri with Ashton Kutcher

A post was made with the title, “Big Bang’s Seungri with Ashton Kutcher.” It turns out Seungri was dining at a restaurant in LA and was seated at a table right next to Kutcher!


20) Moon Chae Won

Moon Chae Won shows off her aegyo set in these photos titled, “Moon Chae Won’s daily life.”


21) 2NE1

This picture titled, “2NE1 members are showing off their colorful charms,” received a lot of attention for CL’s mole on her stomach!


22) Won Bin

Several photos titled, “Won Bin showed up in Yangpyeong Station, line No. 5,” were shared on online community boards, showing Won Bin’s perfect facial features!


23) Girls’ Generation’s YoonA

Titled, “YoonA’s shocking graduation photos,” Girls’ Generation’s YoonA looks stunning even with regular school uniforms on!


24) Park Shi Yeon

This photo was titled, “Even the beautiful Park Shi Yeon had a past.” Indeed she did have a different past!


25) Kim Soo Hyun and Kim Hye Soo

Titled, “Kim Soo Hyun’s Big Sister Kim Hye Soo,” this photo shows veteran actress Kim Hye Soo showing her affection for Kim Soo Hyun by pinching his cheeks.


26) Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon

A short video under the title of “Taeyeon’s perfect ant-sized waist captured” was posted online, emphasizing Taeyeon’s sexy curves!

27) AOA’s Seol Hyun

AOA’s Seol Hyun proves her natural beauty in these photos titled, “Girl group AOA’s member Seol Hyun’s middle school graduation pictures.”


28) Kara’s Goo Hara

Fans captured screenshots of Kara’s Goo Hara and titled it, “Goo Hara before and after makeup comparison,” showing their awe in her milky skin.


29) Kim Tae Hee

As the title suggests, “Kim Tae Hee continues to surprise everyone with her body!”

30) Go Soo

Go Soo makes plenty of his female fans’ hearts go aflutter in these leaked photos from his new movie, “Band-Aid.”