Former K-Pop Star Contestant Featured In Starship Planet’s “White Love” MV

On November 27, Starship Entertainment posted on their twitter page still cuts from the teaser for a healing love song titled “White Love” featuring the faces of SISTAR‘s Soyu, Boyfriend‘s Jung Min and K.Will

The eye-catching photos feature a love story between Boyfriend’s Jung Min and the lovely Heo Ji Won, who is preparing to make her debut as an artist. Her milky-white skin complexion immediately captured the envy of all netizens who exclaimed, “I cannot believe she is only 13 years old”, “Jungmin and Ji Won make one good-looking couple”, “Her nickname should be ‘girl with milky skin'” and “How does she maintain such an amazing skin complexion?” 

Starship Entertainment’s artist collaboration project, “Starship Planet” will be releasing their second digital single, “White Love” featuring the voices of K.Will, Soyu and Jungmin. 

Heo Ji Won was picked up by Starship Entertainment when she participated as a contestant for the first season of SBS “K-Pop Star” and was immediately given credit for her amazing vocal skills and lovely face. She did not advance further into the semi-finals and final round but is now preparing for her debut as a singer. 

Check out the Heo Ji Won’s audition clip for “K-Pop Star” and Starship Planet’s “White Love” MV below!