Block B’s Zico Reveals That Many Female Idols Confessed Their Feelings For Him

On November 28, Block B was featured for their smash hit single “Nilili Mambo” by MBC‘s “Weekly Idol.” Block B’s Zico revealed on the segment of the show, “Fill Out Your Own Profile Info,” that every time he performs, he receives the confessions of four female idols on average. The members asked in disbelief, “Are you serious? Then does that total up to 15 confessions?” The embarrassed Zico quickly denied that the number was that high. 

Zico explained, “I’m sure Jaehyo won’t acknowledge this because he thinks he’s the better looking one,” to which Jaehyo affirmed, “He’s right. I think I’m better looking than he is. Especially my face.” The MCs were quick to assure both, “You guys are both handsome and we don’t see one as more so than the other.”