Song Ji Hyo Talks About Previous Live Broadcasting Mistake

On November 27, Song Ji Hyo appeared on SBS “Strong Heart” and talked about her experience as a rookie MC. Song Ji Hyo first revealed that she was the MC for a music program in the past. She explained, “I had my first music program MC job on cable channel KM. I hosted a show with Super Junior‘s Heechul. He said his comments and it was my turn to speak, but what he said previously was different from what I had on the script.”

Song Ji Hyo added, “I had the wrong script with me on stage. It was a live broadcasting show and I didn’t know what to do, so I just stood there, completely blanked out. Fortunately, Heechul covered for me. I was really thankful of that.” She continued, “It was my first MCing experience and a nightmare. Some time after that experience, I was asked to MC for SBS ‘Inkigayo.’ I wanted to do well this time. The producer of ‘Inkigayo’ back then is the producer of ‘Running Man‘ now. He told me that he gave me a chance. From that point, we built this relationship together.” 

Netizens commented on Song Ji Hyo’s first MCing nightmare, “I think I remember what she’s talking about! Now I know what was going on,” “She was Ms. Mung from back then,” “Song Ji Hyo is so adorable!” and “I didn’t realize it’s the same producer. I guess ‘Running Man’ was just meant to be!”