Sunye’s Fiance James Pak and His Family Are Revealed

The future husband of the girl group Wonder Girls’ member Sunye was recently revealed.

On SBS’s “Late Night TV Entertainment” that was broadcast on November 28, an interview was conducted with Sunye’s future in-laws, who are currently living in Canada.

Sunye’s father-in-law-to-be, Pak Wan, was full of praises for his son’s fiancé. He stated, “Sunye is a polite humble girl. She is beautiful and adorable. She is just perfect. When my wife and I first met Sunye, we had a feeling that she might become part of our family.”

Pak Wan then showed a picture on his cellphone. In the photo was his son James Pak looking handsome. Pak Wan also added that his son is very athletic and likes to play football and hockey.

Pak Wan also expressed his wish to see many grandchildren. He then read out loud a letter he wrote for Sunye, “”Dear Sunye, since you are the woman that our loving son has chosen, we welcome you unconditionally. Always be thankful for everything and work hard. I love you, Sunye. Love, Dad.” Eyes were drawn to the fact that he called himself “dad” instead of “father-in-law.”