JYP Responds to Sunye’s Wedding Announcement with Love and Support

Previously on November 27, Wonder Girls’ member Sunye announced her scheduled wedding with Korean-Canadian missionary boyfriend on January 26, 2013. The day after the wedding announcement, an online media outlet interviewed a representative from JYP Entertainment about Park Jin Young‘s reaction to the news.

The representative from JYP stated, “Marriage is a part of someone’s private life. We are respecting that. The company’s profits put aside, it is more important to respect one’s personality and life. This is JYP’s philosophy.” Another colleague and friend of JYP commented, “JYP is very understanding of the company’s artists’ private lives. Unlike other idol agencies, JYP does not really put much emphasis on controlling artists’ private relationships and such.” 

Meanwhile, Sunye talked about JYP’s understanding attitude towards her relationship on SBS “Strong Heart” in November 2011. She said, “JYP advised me ‘not to be hesitant because of my popularity and status.’ He is very supportive of my relationship.” 

Netizens commented on JYP’s understanding of Sunye’s decision, “JYP’s so cool about Sunye getting married,” “This is so heartwarming. I can feel that JYP treats his artists as individuals, not as profit-making methods.” and “I really respect his philosophy on respecting artists’ privacy.”