Eru Impresses Indonesian Fans with Fluent English

Singer Eru garnered much attention in Indonesia with his fluent English. Eru is currently staying in Indonesia to promote his upcoming film “Hello Goodbye.” On November 27, Eru made an appearance on a radio show with “Hello Goodbye”s heroine, Atiqah Hasiholan and entertained the listeners for nearly an hour in fluent English. The MC and production crew at the radio station praised, “Eru’s a really good singer and an excellent English speaker.”

Eru’s local promoter commented, “Language is very important in overseas promotions. The level of chemistry an artist could have with foreign fans decide whether he is going to make it or break it. Eru’s having no trouble talking to Indonesian fans with his fluency in English and his growing popularity here proves that.” Eru is spending busy days in Indonesia, being escorted by the police department every time he goes somewhere. He is the first Korean artist to make an appearance on a ground-wave TV programs and to release a Korean-language song in Indonesia. 

Meanwhile, Eru’s upcoming film “Hello Goodbye” features Indonesia’s most popular actor and actress, Rio Dewanto and Atiqah Hasiholan. Eru plays the role of a big Hallyu star in the film. He also sang the soundtrack, “Black Glasses” for the movie.