How Other Hip-Hop Artists are Reacting to E-Sens’ Diss Toward Comedian Rappers

Hip-hop artist E-Sens from the duo, Supreme Team, has recently criticized comedians who release hip-hop albums. After this topped the headlines, many other hip-hop artists gave their own two cents about the matter.

On November 27, rapper B-Free tweeted, “Why do comedians imitate hip-hop musicians whenever they run out of ideas when it’s not even funny?” Then, B-Free went on to re-tweet E-Sens’ original tweet, “Honestly speaking, I hate seeing those kinds of people.”

Rapper Jerry K also tweeted, “I used to really hate that too but now, I think anyone can be a subject to satire and gag. Also, it can seem really great to someone but really funny to others.”

He continued, “You’re free to make statements and you’re free to criticize the person making those statements too. But furthermore, I really like E-Sens for not repeating his opinions or making a fuss and having a cool attitude even though this elicited a strong response.”

Rapper Swings also posted on his Facebook, “When someone takes the original and makes it into a really funny bit of comedy, I think that also is art. There are a lot of people who were successful with this but it is ridiculous when people, who run out of ideas, imitate hip-hop artists without even understanding the hip-hop culture.”

Composer Kim Gun Woo, who has worked on Supreme Team’s albums also tweeted, “I don’t know if I should talk since I’m not even that recognized in the hip-hop world but my vote goes toward E-Sens, who kept it real.”

Meanwhile, as E-Sens’ tweet became a hot topic, he left another tweet that read, “I’m in a position where I love this culture and I’m a fan. I also know that satire and humor are very much needed. But in order to make satirize hip-hop, one must have an understanding of it. But I just didn’t like how some people portray hip-hop as one of those drunk people on the streets who wear baggy clothing.”