Joo Won, Narsha, and Kim Won Hyo to Voice Act in Animation “Niko: Santa Air Wing’s Adventure”

Actor Joo Won, Brown Eyed Girls’ Narsha, and comedian Kim Won Hyo have participated in dubbing the upcoming animation movie “Niko: Santa Air Wing’s Adventure.”

The film tells a story of a baby deer named Niko and his flying squirrel friend Julius attempting to save Niko’s little brother Johnny who was abducted by the wicked White Wolf.

Joo Won played the role of adventurous Niko who is the rookie member of Santa’s Air Wing, while Kim Won Hyo voiced his loving and loyal friend Julius. The evil White Wolf was played by Narsha. The story is to take place in the beautiful skies and snowy forests of Finland, which is the home of Santa Clause.

The movie “Niko: Santa Air Wing’s Adventure” is to be released on Christmas Day.