A-JAX Reveals Dance Practice for “2MYX”

After making their comeback with their first mini album “2MYX two weeks ago, rookie group A-JAX has now revealed their dance practice video for their title track.

“2MYX” is pop dance number reminiscent of 90’s pop songs . It has strong beats and a repetitive hook which are expected to capture fans’ interests. Through this dance practice video, they boys show off the synchronized dance skills.

It is also fun to note that ,while groups usually use something like a water bottle or tape to mark the center of the stage, A-JAX used a stuffed doll of Chopper from the Japanese Anime One Piece.

This is the group’s third promoted track this year after making their debut in June with “One 4 U,” followed by “Hot Game” in July.

Check out their live performance of the song from Music Core this past weekend!