6 Rising Stars to Look Out for in 2013

Media outlet “MyDaily” has recently named some of the few rising child/teen/young adult actors and actresses to look out for in the upcoming year of 2013. They were chosen as the top rising actors for their successful activities in various projects this year. Since child actors are receiving much limelight these days, the anticipation to see them in the future keeps growing.

Yeo Jin Goo

The year of 2012 started with Yeo Jin Goo and has ended with Yeo Jin Goo. This talented actor portrayed the younger role of Lee Hwon, whose adult part was played by Kim Soo Hyun, in the mega-hit MBC drama, “The Moon that Embraces the Sun.”

Born in 1997, Yeo Jin Goo is currently at a young age of only 15 and is at his third year of middle school. Regardless, his pure and innocent facial expressions and his eyes are shaking up female fans’ hearts all over the world. Moreover, his bone-chilling sad/angry acting is what really sent him straight to the top. It was to the extent where viewers just could not believe that this boy, sobbing and screaming over a lost love, was only in middle school.

In MBC’s “I Miss You,” Yeo Jin Goo plays the younger Han Jung Woo (played by Park Yoo Chun as the adult). He shed his traditional robes and put on the age-fitting uniform but it did not stop female fans from fawning over his charismatic eyes and voice. It seems like he is very skilled in understanding his role and character among the actors of his age. He has recently been cast as the lead for the upcoming film, “Hwa Yi.”

Noh Young Hak

Noh Young Hak is being called the “child Choi Soo Jong.” He has appeared in a 10 sageuk (historical) dramas, playing the role of a king, three times and the role of a beggar, two times. This is why he received the nickname, since Choi Soo Jong is a sageuk veteran.

Born in 1993, Noh Young Hak debuted in 2006 in the children’s drama, “Hwarang Corps Maru.” However, before his official debut, Noh Young Hak has been polishing and building up his acting skills by taking on various supporting roles. Therefore, when watching Noh Young Hak, viewers can’t find that awkwardness that many child actors have. He was loved for his soft and nice image in many of the dramas but viewers were also delighted with his many different faces in dramas such as “The City of Violence,” “Gae Baek,” “The King’s Dream,” and “The Great Seer.” Since he will be turning 20 years old in 2013, viewers are anticipating his start as an adult actor in future projects.

Yoo Yeon Suk

Yoo Yeon Suk was probably one of the most disliked person by males in the year of 2012 as he portrayed the bad guy who played with Suzy in the hit film, “Introduction To Architecture.” Yoo Yeon Suk played Jae Wook, a well-off, “Gangnam style” oppa, who scarred the young first love between miss A‘s Suzy and Lee Jae Hoon. Although he played the role of a cold, city man with his white skin and high-bridged nosed, Yoo Yeon Suk is known to be a warm man. However, Yoo Yeon Seok continued to take on roles that contrasted his real personality. He played the bad guy in “Introduction To Architecture,” as well as “A Werewolf Boy,” where he tries to split apart Song Joong Ki and Park Bo Young.

Yoo Yeon Suk debuted in the worldwide hit “Old Boy” in 2003 as Yoo Ji Tae‘s younger character. He left a short but strong impression with his skillful abilities to portray his given role. He is currently starring in the MBC sitcom, “What Is Mom.”

Kim Yoo Jung

If Yeo Jin Goo was the male actor who captivated the small screen in the year of 2012, among the female actresses, Kim Yoo Jung is a likely pick. Kim Yoo Jung showed fantastic acting as she played the younger Yeon Woo (played by Han Ga In as an adult) in “The Moon that Embraces the Sun.”

Born in 1999, Kim Yoo Jung is still a young girl but her acting skills displayed on TV makes it hard to believe that she is really that young. Viewers were able to fall into her character, especially through her big and soulful eyes.

Following “The Moon that Embraces the Sun,” Kim Yoo Jung played the younger Chun Hae Joo in the MBC drama, “May Queen.” She perfectly played the role of a bright and strong girl even amidst much hardships. It is known that she was tutored extensively by a dialect coach to nail her character’s accent.

Kim Yoo Jung has been cast as Big Bang TOP‘s younger sister in the upcoming film, “Classmate,” which is building up much anticipation.

Lee Se Young

From playing the young Geum Young from the smashing 2003 MBC hit, “Dae Jang Geum,” Lee Se Young has grown into a beautiful 20-year old woman. Lee Se Young has appeared in a plethora of dramas such as “When I Turned Nine,” “Lovely Rivals,” “Bachelor’s Vegetable Store” and “The King’s Dream.” She is currently playing Park Yoo Chun’s younger half-sister in “I Miss You.”

Lee Se Young has only recently left her child actress stage and started taking on adult roles. During an interview with the “I Miss You” production team, she stated, “I want to be critiqued as an actress who has matured to a higher level.” Many viewers think that she has succeeded in doing so. Though her part is not that big in “I Miss You,” her character plays a critical role in lightening and brightening up the atmosphere in the heavy and dark setting.

When she appeared in “Radio Star,” a couple months ago, she admitted that things were really hard due to her friends’ jealousy. But she overcame those hardships and became a stronger person and a better actress.

Kim So Eun

In the 2009 KBS hit drama “Boys Over Flowers,” Kim So Eun played Goo Hye Sun‘s best friend, Choo Ga Eul, and became a sensation. Recently, she is receiving the spotlight again for portraying Princess Sook Hwi in the MBC drama, “Horse Doctor.” It’s safe to say that one of the biggest reasons behind “Horse Doctor’s” popularity is Princess Sook Hwi’s cute and bright character. Although Kim So Eun admitted that she doesn’t really have much “aegyo” (cute charm) in real life, her character delightfully entered right into the viewers’ hearts. During an interview, Kim So Eun stated, “I want to hear that I go well with sageuk dramas.” Fans and viewers alike seem to be impressed with Kim So Eun’s transformation from a high-schooler to a beautiful princess.

Soompiers, who will you be looking out for in 2013?