Busker Busker Gets the Fans Worried with Internal Conflict Rumors

The fans of Busker Busker are concerned about a possible conflict within the group.

Busker Busker’s drummer Brad told that he is preparing for a new career. In an interview with Star News, Brad said Busker Busker is done promoting the album and he is enjoying private time with his wife. Brad told Star News, “I am currently learning Korean with my wife. Since I don’t have to worry about album promotion for a while, I am trying to prepare something of my own.”

When Brad was asked questions about the next album, he refused to answer. Regardless of their popularity in music, Busker Busker couldn’t attend the “2011 Mnet Asian Music Awards.” For this year’s MAMA, the group announced that the trio won’t be attending the ceremony either.

Of course, there haven’t been any reports of the group members actually facing conflicts as of now, but the extended delay in their new album release, and the long break from TV promotions are definitely fueling possible rumors of group conflict. We hope it’s nothing serious!