PSY Up to #5 on Billboard Hot 100 Singles Chart

World sensation PSY took the fifth spot on this week’s Billboard Hot 100 Singles Chart.

According to Billboard Magazine, the official Billboard music chart put PSY’s “Gangnam Style” at fifth place this week. PSY’s “Gangnam Style” had dropped to #7 last week, after maintaining the #2 spot for seven straight weeks. 

PSY’s fans were excited and hoped that the rapper would rank first this week, but we’ll have to wait another week to see if that will happen.

The rank of “Gangnam Style” on other music charts had been dropping recently. However, according to the November 29 music chart release, PSY jumped up to the fifth on Hot 100, and retrieved the first place on the Digital Song Chart. The first rank of current Billboard Chart is Rihanna’sDiamond.”

Do you think PSY will eventually be able to reach the top spot on Billboard with “Gangnam Style”?