Sunye’s Father-in-Law Sends Blessing to the Engaged Couple

On November 28, Sunye‘s father-in-law Park Wan Shi, who currently resides in Canada, did an interview with SBS’sOne Night TV Entertainment.” He dedicated a special message to his daughter-in-law saying, “Sunye is a sweet, beautiful, humble and adorable person who has many qualities that any Father-in-law could be proud to have in a daughter-in-law. From the moment I first saw her I always knew she would someday become a part of our family.”

Sunye’s father-in-law then went on to show pictures of her husband James Park and revealed that the couple plans to start their married life together in Canada. He said, “I am sure that the couple will be living in Canada for quite some time.”

Park Wan Shi also surprised the interviewer with additional information behind the proposal Sunye’s fiance made, “The day my son proposed to Sunye, I wrote a letter too. It went along the lines of ‘Sunye, you are the love of my son’s life. And because of that, I have no other expectations or demands of you. I am so thankful for the blessings that this day has brought and I will work hard to be a great father-in-law for you.”

Sunye and James Park have set the date for their wedding to be on January 26, 2013.