Lee Hyori Was an SM Trainee Before Fin.K.L

On November 29, tvN‘s “eNEWS – New Time Machine Rewind” showed the stories of how girl groups were formed. Celebrities Cho Jinsu of ZAM, Hwang Hae Young of Tutu, Han Sang Il of Noise and Hello VenusShin Ae made guest appearances on the show. 

Although she wasn’t a guest herself, it was revealed on the show that Lee Hyori used to be an SM trainee before becoming a part of Fin.K.L. She was cast by none other than the manager of popular boy group H.O.T. because she had caught his eye. She was trained by SM Entertainment with plans for debuting as part of a girl group. However, because of personal circumstances she quit the life of an SM trainee. If she had stayed, Lee Hyori would have been a part of S.E.S. which was a popular rival girl group to Fin.K.L at that time. After resolving the issues that prevented her from pursuing the career of a star, Lee Hyori signed with DSP media and was cast as a member of Fin.K.L. 

 What do you think Soompiers? Would Lee Hyori have fit the S.E.S. image?