S.E.S Members Express Gratitude To Fans For Remembering 15th Anniversary Since Debut

Members of girl group S.E.S expressed their gratitude for fans who remembered their 15th anniversary since their debut.

On November 28 Bada tweeted, “To our fans who live abroad, we hope you had a safe journey home. Even if it was a stop along the way, we appreciate you traveling so far to send us gifts in celebration of a special moment for us. We send our gratitude for the beautiful purple bouquets you left for us. Warm wishes to all of you.”

Bada also included the photos of members taking pictures together for their reunion to celebrate their 15th anniversary. She wrote, “I remember when Eugene would press bowls of food into our hands in our dressing rooms. I have the loveliest sisters. We still joke around with each other like old times, so I guess that makes us fairies. We have 15 more years to enjoy our time together before we officially retire as a group.”

Eugene also tweeted, “Thank you to all of our fans who congratulated us on our 15th anniversary. It is only because of your love that S.E.S. is where it is and because of your love that it continues to live on. Again, I wish to sincerely thank each and every one of you. I love you all.”

Netizens who saw the starlets’ tweets commented, “It’s great to see all of the S.E.S. members together again”, “I hope their friendship will continue to blossom” and “I’m glad we get to see them more often!”

S.E.S. celebrated their 15th anniversary on November 24.