First Generation Female Idols Have A Reunion

 On November 29, artist Soy tweeted a photo of the first generation K-Pop girl group members with the caption, “Vegetable Party Meeting. Everyone’s Here! “

The following artists are pictured in the photo taken: Soy, Eugene and Shoo from S.E.S, singer Park Ji Yoon and Baby V.O.X member Kan Mi Youn. All of the ladies were a part of popular female idol groups who debuted in the 90’s and called their special clique “The Vegetable Party.” Netizens recognized each member without fail, admiring how little they had changed from their adorable younger selves. 

 Netizens commented, “It’s great to all of “The Vegetable Party” gathered in one place again!”, “I feel as though none of these ladies have aged a single day since their debut!” and “I still can’t believe that Shoo is a mother.”