Sunye’s Fiance Visited JYP Family Before Public Announcement

Sunye, leader of Wonder Girls, invited her fiance to meet the JYP family before they made their official wedding announcement.

On November 28, an employee at JYP Entertainment shared during a phone interview, “Sunye introduced her fiance to the JYP family including Park Jin Young and CEO Jung Wook before they announced their wedding to the public.”

Like a few singers who have made their entry into the K-Pop world through their participation in audition programs, Sunye also got into JYP after appearing in an audition program where Park Jin Young was a judge. She became a JYP trainee during her elementary school years and built a close relationship with the employees of JYP. Another worker commented, “Sunye is very deep and has an optimistic personality. Her affection for JYP family is different from others. The employees at JYP think that Sunye’s happiness is of the utmost priority and the wedding announcement with much joy.”

JYP’s CEO shared on November 28, “I’ve had the chance to meet Sunye’s fiance. She introduced him. He has great character and I felt that he’s a person who’s very trustworthy.” He went on, “Sunye was worried that the wedding might negatively affect the company. But her happiness is more important.”