Girls’ Generation’s Jessica & Tim’s Rehearsal Pictures for “Legally Blonde”

If you haven’t heard, Girls’ Generation’s Jessica rejoins the “Legally Blonde” project as Elle Woods along with APink’s Jung Eun Ji and musical actress Jung Woo Ri. Singer Tim and musical actor Jin Sun Gyu play Elle’s love interest.

On November 28, “Legally Blonde” Korea posted a message on their official facebook, “Today’s Jessica’s first performance of ‘Legally Blonde’!” This is her first comeback performance since 2009… Everyone who came and Jessica both are nervous, right?^^”

Several pictures were taken during the rehearsal when both Jessica and Tim played the lead showing off their great chemistry and compatibility on stage. Tim looks snazzy in a suit and Jessica looks sweet as a blonde.

Soompiers, what do you think? Do they make a good couple?