Kim Ha Neul Spends Time with Children in Taiwan

Kim Ha Neul remembered to give back to charity during her trip to Taiwan.

According to reports from local news agencies, the actress, who embarked on a promotional tour for her drama, “A Gentleman’s Dignity” participated in a charity event involving children within her three-day, two-night trip.

Photos of the actress in a fun painting session with children were recently released to the public upon completion of her promo tour. The shirts that Kim Ha Neul and the children handpainted with their own designs are going to be up for auction, with the proceeds intended to go into a fund for helping underprivileged children in Taiwan.

In the drama, Kim Ha Neul played a high school ethics teacher, thus spending time with children seemed familiar to her.

The charity event concluded Kim Ha Neul’s tour, which included media interviews and meeting with the press. Reports also said Kim Ha Neul’s “A Gentleman’s Dignity” promotions proved her popularity as press and fans covered her visit from the moment she landed, causing congestion at the airport.

“A Gentleman’s Dignity” was officially presented to the press who lingered two hours after the event concluded.

“Thank you for a good promotional tour,” Kim Ha Neul remarked. “I hope viewers in Taiwan will find ‘A Gentleman’s Dignity’ a delightful drama.”

Kim Ha Neul has yet to announce her next project.