Moon Geun Young Transforms into Santa Claus on Set

The “Alice in Chundamdong” production crew selected Moon Geun Young as Santa Claus for her thoughtfulness.

According to a staff, Moon Geun Young came early to the studio one day to hand out persimmons to everyone on the set. Everyone on set was touched when they found out that persimmons were hand-picked by Moon Geun Young’s parents. The gift was delivered from actress’ hometown, and her grandmother peeled each one individually. 

The staff continued that Moon Geun Young gives out handful of candies and other treats to all members, “Moon Geun Young says she is grateful and appreciate everything we do for her. All staffs are very touched.”

“Alice in Cheongdamdong” is about an ordinary middle class woman who strives to live as a wealthy Chungdamdong house wife. During her pursuit of wealth, she is to understand the true meaning of love and a happy marriage. The drama starring Moon Geun Young and Park Shi Hoo will air on December 1.