BTS Clips of “A Werewolf Boy” Revealed

A Werewolf Boy” has been seen by over six million viewers in just 26 days since its release.

The movie’s behind the scenes clips have been revealed, in which the actors and staffs’ true personality and characters are displayed.

The video started showing Jang Young Nam talking behind Song Joong Ki, “Song Joong Ki is so talkative.” On another revealed clip, Song Joong Ki was down on the floor making people laugh by cleaning his ear with a pencil. Soong Joong Ki also shared that Park Bo Young is attractive because she has a small face. The director added, “On the set, Park Bo Young gets all the attention. She is the only leading female actress.”

The last clip showed the preparation for Park Bo Young’s birthday party including a red carpet and three-level cake.

Meanwhile, Yoo Yeon Suk, the only villain in the movie, shared his frank concern, “I am worried that people would get the wrong idea of me. I am not actually evil! I act evil in the movie because my character on the script is evil!”