Wonder Girls Ye Eun Leaves a Message about Sunye’s Wedding

With the media and netizens in an uproar about Sunye’s surprising wedding announcement, fellow member of the Wonder Girls, Ye Eun, wrote a message in response to their fan’s concerns about the future of the group.

On November 29, Ye Eun posted in the Wonder Girls DC Inside site under the post, “This is Ye Eun.”

She wrote, “Like the way your work or school life is important to you, for the Wonder Girls, our personal lives are important to us…I don’t think you really mean the things that you are saying right now. We know that you are confused, angry, and hurt, so we are sincerely sorry. After all, we’ve known each other for six years now.

We would like to especially like to thank our fans who continue to vote for us in the live music shows. We have never taken it lightly. Even though you can’t come or vote because of exams or the military service, you are still our fans because you love our music. Likewise, Sunye knows that her marriage is not a joke to you. We are not taking this situation lightly.

Even though it hurts us that we have to deal with this sort of situation, we hope that that the Wonderfuls are healthy and happy.”

Sunye announced her engagement on November 27 and will be married in January of next year. Her CEO, JYP, has also given his support and she has clarified that this surprise wedding is not because she is pregnant. Meanwhile, the news of Sunye’s marriage drew in mixed responses from her fans.