Idol group ZE:A will be surprising their fans with a new track before the year ends.

ZE:A’s agency spoke with Star News on November 29 and said, “ZE:A will release a new digital single early next month,” and “It is a gift for all the fans, who always support ZE:A.”

The track is revealed to be an R&B ballad and is about a shy confession of love. This is the first time that ZE:A will be releasing a ballad single. ZE:A has usually promoted dance tracks in the past so this new track will bring a new kind of image and charm to the group. Sources say, “Since it will be released as a digital single, we don’t have current plans to promote the track through TV broadcast.”

Member Lim Siwan‘s mysterious “JH” tweet, that got fans wondering earlier, was indeed confirmed that it was part of their new track’s lyrics. Siwan tweeted, “You all were surprised, weren’t you? ‘When I see you, why does my heart do this again… JH’ That is part of the lyrics to our new song. JH are the initials to our CEO. We wanted to surprise and express gratitude for our CEO for allowing us to release a new track so quickly like this…”

Siwan’s tweet explained that the initials “JH” belonged to Shin Joo Hak, the CEO of ZE:A’s agency, Star Empire Entertainment, which has been home to ZE:A since their debut.

Siwan’s previous initial “JH” tweet got many fans wondering and speculating if Siwan had a girlfriend.

Meanwhile, ZE:A released their second full-length album this past July and received a lot of love for “Aftermath” and “Phoenix.”

Each member is currently carrying out their individual activities. Kwang Hee is active in the variety TV world with “We Got Married,” “Star King” and “Knee Drop Guru.” Kevin and Hyung Shik are preparing for the musical, “Love Song At Gwanghwamun.” Dong Jun is currently acting in drama, “I Love You, Mister,” and Siwan has been cast for the upcoming film, “A Boy Who Went To Wonderland.”