Kwanghee To Jung Woo Sung: “You Could Use Some Botox”

On the most recent episode of MBC “Knee Drop Guru,” Kwanghee was tricked into talking about one of Korea’s best looking actors, Jung Woo Sung, when he was asked to “judge Jung Woo Sung’s looks.” 

Kwanghee hesitated for a while before he finally mustered up the courage to “judge” Jung Woo Sung’s appearance. Kanghee said, “I think you need botox. It seems like you’ve gone through some aging, your skin could be lifted a bit.” When Kwanghee finally gave his honest opinion, Kang Ho Dong was taken aback, trying to move onto the next topic as quickly as possible. However, Jung Woo Sung seemed like he didn’t care much, humorously responding, “You hurt my pride.”

However, unlike Jung Woo Sung’s cool response, Kwanghee seemed rather bothered by his comments. He muttered to himself, “I guess we are not going to cross paths from now on…” which made everyone else at the set of “Knee Drop Guru” burst out into laughter. 

Meanwhile, the New “Knee Drop Guru” garnered much attention previously as Kang Ho Dong was returning to his initial shows prior to temporary retirement, and this is Jung Woo Sung’s first appearance on a variety TV show in many years. “Knee Drop Guru” did not disappoint any old fans and/or new viewers. Kang Ho Dong’s skillful hosting and Jung Woo Sung’s honest, earnest charms successfully kicked off the new season of “Knee Drop Guru.”