Jung Woo Sung Received Offers to Work at a Host Bar in the Past

On MBC’s “Knee Drop Guru” that aired on November 29, actor Jung Woo Sung revealed his shocking past.

Jung Woo Sung stated, “I was working at a clothing store when a strange man came up to me. He asked me to step outside. When we got into his expensive looking car, he introduced himself as a CEO of a host bar and offered me a position. I was completely shocked.”

Jung Woo Sung continued, “At that time, I just couldn’t understand how a man could work at such a place, so I refused. If I had accepted, I probably would be really rich by now. I most likely would be holding a couple of buildings in Gangnam.”

Meanwhile on this episode, Jung Woo Sung also revealed the story of how he caught the bouquet at Go So Young and Jang Dong Gun’s wedding.