JYJ’s Junsu Reveals True Feelings about DBSK

Kim Junsu of JYJ recently made an apologetic message to the fans of DBSK.

After more than three years of legally battling it out between JYJ and SM Entertainment, on November 28 the two parties agreed to end their lawsuit and not interfere with one another’s activities. The sudden anticlimactic end to the famous dispute has fans and netizens alike curious about what is to come for both parties.

On November 29 at a press conference for his “XIA 1st World Tour in Overhasuen, Germany” Kim Junsu met with the press and spoke up about the end of his group’s legal battle. “It is unclear how this will affect our participation in variety and music programs” he said, echoing the statement his agency had made previously.

He continued. “We have seen many articles about how people want to see JYJ on entertainment programs. I personally would love to go on programs but right now nothing is sure. However, all the members are dreaming about being able to be on shows.”

He also addressed his feelings towards DBSK and their fans. “I am always sad that I cannot greet my fans as a member of DBSK…Even though it was a dispute with my company, I never wanted to throw away the DBSK name. Because of that I am sorry towards the fans…DBSK will always have a place in my heart and I will never forget our fans. If I could wear the DBSK name again, nothing would make me happier.”

Kim Junsu will finish his world tour on November 30 in Oberhausen, Germany. In December from the 29th to the 31st he will hold the “2012 Xia Ballad & Musical with Orchestra” concert at the COEX in Seoul.