Park Jin Young Hurts Toenail While Having Raunchy Thoughts in the Shower

It’s never good to have raunchy thoughts in the shower, or you could seriously hurt yourself! Park Jin Young, better known as JYP, shared his experience and advised his fans to “not have raunchy thoughts for no reason.”

On November 30, JYP shared a photo of his broken toenail on Twitter with the message, “After taking a shower in the hotel, I was coming out while having raunchy thoughts, but I accidently closed the door over my feet. I think I was punished…Everybody, please don’t have raunchy thoughts for no reason. Anyways, I hope it doesn’t hurt at tomorrow’s MAMA. Why does this happen to me all the time?”

The photo shows a close up shot of JYP’s broken toenail with blood around it. It’s easy to see how painful it must have been for the star musician.

Netizens commented, “I was surprised by the photo, but he made me laugh with the reason,” “This is so JYP style,” and “I always have all kinds of thoughts in the shower.”